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BST Group at the VDMA Virtual Battery Exhibition


SURFACE INSPECTION SOLUTIONS: Intelligent interaction of inspection with web guiding system

To grant a high product quality in the production of the electrode material it is a must to have …

  • precise web positions
  • defect free material
  • coating geometry in a high quality and within the tolerance

Beside the challenge of an exact guidance and positioning of the material, also state of the art inspection systems are requested. These provide today various functions like

  • reliable surface defect detection
  • machine learning of defect classification
  • lane management
  • simultaneously geometric measurements of coating positions
  • qualification of edge profiles
  • data workflow
  • lowest footprint

Based on this solution the BST Group goes one step beyond: smart linked network between of the inspection and high precision web guiding system allowed an intelligent communication of process data. This prevents quality deviations before they occur. The BST Group is a global leading supplier of in-line quality assurance systems and services for the web processing production industries. We transform our decades of experience, for example from the printing & converting industry, into the cell- and assembly production processes of Lithium-Ion Batteries. Our Mission is: less waste, increased quality, more time for production!

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