Highlights at Pack Print 2017 | BST South East Asia

Highlights at Pack Print 2017


The premier exhibition for packaging and printing in Thailand will take place from September 20 to 23 in Bangkok. On booth M 40 BST eltromat South East Asia will show quality assurance systems for print and packaging e.g. for web guiding, 100% inspection and web monitoring. Moreover, the company offers products and solutions for register control, surface inspection, color measurement and management, automation, workflow and measurement of thickness + basis weight.

Highlights for 100% Inspection and Web Monitoring
BST eltromat South East Asia will be presenting the POWERScope 5000. The new digital web monitoring system offers greatly improved image quality compared to the previous solutions. As a result, machine operators can detect irregularities on the press far better and faster. As a low-cost, entry-level model, the POWERScope 5000 features a uniquely easy-to-operate user interface. Besides the POWERScope 5000, customers can also learn more about the TubeScan digital strobe, a web monitoring system developed by cooperation partner Nyquist Systems. A further exhibition focus will be the iPQ-Check for 100% inspection. High-performance line scan cameras deliver detailed color image data across the entire print format, and log the production results from the first revolution of the impression cylinders. Mature technologies and algorithms guarantee complete, reliable control, so that sources of defects can quickly be located and eliminated. iPQ-Check distinguishes between process-related and sporadic errors in this context. The iPQ-Check lighting is a unique feature, specifically for opaque materials. In addition to direct lighting, there is also diffuse lighting for highly reflective materials, which again guarantees outstanding inspection results.

Focus on the web guiding sector
In regard to its web guiding sensors, the company focuses will include the CLS Pro 600 digital line and contrast sensor. The color sensors of the high-performance CLS Pro 600 sensor provide precise, non-contact scanning of lines, and also of print or web edges. This enables them to cover a wide range of different possibilities. The combination of high scan rate and high-resolution CCD color line chip guarantees precise guiding of the webs, even when dealing with broken lines or contrasts. Moreover, the company will show the web guiding product CompactGuide, which can be configured flexibly. And BST eltromat South East Asia will be exhibiting an EcoGuide that lives up to its name: it is particularly economical to operate. This web guiding system can also be individually configured to meet a variety of requirements.

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