Sustainability - from buzzword to added value


Thanks to the highest precision and quality of our products, there is less waste in your production process. The combination of several individual systems from the BST Group also offers intelligent overall solutions for various other industries, even outside of printing.

You can learn more about this in our web session.

One of the topics will be our all new camera-based sensor CLS CAM 100, which will be presented for the very first time at virtual.drupa.

The sensor enables to guide directly to objects and motifs on the web. This means that an additional steering line is no longer necessary.

The control criterion can be set via intuitive touch operation. This can be done either directly on the sensor or on the external 7-inch multi-touch display.



Are you interested now?
Then visit our web session with our speakers Mr. Ingo Ellerbrock (Head of Product Management) and Mr. Sajid Malik (Global Sales Director)


Session 1 - 21.04. 12:40 - 1:10 CEST p.m. sign up here: Sustainibilty - from buzzword to added value | virtual.drupa

Session 2 - 22.04. 4:40 - 5:10 CEST p.m. sign up here: Sustainibilty - from buzzword to added value | virtual.drupa


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